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Maybe Kloden will have the form he did two years ago, but I doubt it. T mobile has really screwed themselves. they ran out Vino, dropped Zabel. Maybe Guirini can do it agin on the Alpe. I think T Mobile gets relegated to the back of the field with the likes of Bouygue Telekom and Credit Agricole. Expect this entire team to get blown up after the tour. Ulrich's career is over and who knows if T-Mobile will want to continue to sponsor this group of underachivers.

CSC does not have anyone who can contend for GC. I don't think Julich has the climbing legs for this one, and while Zabriskie should be the odds on favorite for both of the time trials for whatever reason he can't get it done in the mountains. I think CSC goes for stage wins, gets in breaks and in general just disrupts whoever is leading the race. My guess is that Riis and the other riders will be pretty fired up to mess with other teams after the shock wears off. That assumes that no one else gets booted from the team.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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