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Hmm, does anyone still watch this?

I still do and just watched this week's show on DVR and here are my thoughts:

David Gokey can really sing. Good range of songs in his repertoire thus far. Definitely one who can go far with his vocals. Very confident singer. Like him.

Megan Corkey - Pretty. Not bad a singer. Seems to have a limited dance routine though nttawwt. Not very memorable this week. Lucky to still be on the show? Hmm, perhaps. But, I do think she's better than Jasmine for the week alright.

Anoop Desai - Made a mistake singing Beat It because there's really only one way to sing it: MJ's way. He does have a pretty good voice though. Needs to pick the right song next week.

Adam Lambert - Probably the most typical rocker of the group. I thought his Black or White was pretty awesome this week. I agree with Simon but I'd like to see what other songs he's got in his arsenal. He definitely is at home on the stage IMO. Very natural. So far, I'm a fan, but like I said, I would like to see if he can sing some songs not in his natural genre just to find out how good this guy really is. Better overall presence than David Gokey. Definitely a fan.

Lil Rounds - Cool name. Great r&b/soulful singer. Loved her 'Be Without You' the week before (in groups of 12) and thought she did a pretty good job this week as well. Lots of potential.

Matt Giraud - I thought he was good during Hollywood week. I missed his Wildcard performance (as I did for everyone). He's definitely one who does much better with the piano in front of him - almost like it's an extension of what his total persona is in terms of singing. Not bad this week. Pretty solid IMO. Would like to see more as I like his genre of song abilities anyway.

Scott MacIntyre - Great story to go with him for sure. Not fantastic this week but was above average. I do think he might have somewhat of a limited range perhaps.

Alexis Grace - I like her. She was alright this week but I'm a fan so far.

Michael - Good guy, alright song performance. We'll see. Looks like he deserves a shot. Middle range perhaps?

Jasmine Murray - Not great. I can see what they meant by her commercial value but she was just alright IMO. I didn't even know that song she sang. Too old a song for her perhaps. She's young, she'll be able to work it out in future if she goes for it maybe. Oh well.

Allison - young girl, powerful singer, impressive.

Chris - Nothing that stood out IMO. Pretty bland at some points. Needs to step his game up for sure.

Jorge Nuñez - Not impressive this week. Didn't even know the song he was singing.

I think America got it right this week.

What are your takes?

Also, what do you think about the judges option to save someone? I think it's kinda cool and gives somebody a chance in

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I watch, though I don't take notes. :)

I still think it is early to have any clear favorites. They are still weeding out the one trick ponies.

Every time Lil Rounds is shown in profile, I do giggle though. My 10 yr old exclaimed "her butt is huge!". I told her, "Yes, it is, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing."
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