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I need a 27.2 silver seatpost for my fixie.

I currently have a Thompson one on one of my roadbikes, but I'd rather not spend that much on a Thompson for the fixie.
I really like the fact that the saddle sits more directly on top of the seatpost rather than slightly set-back and, it's very

Is there any 27.2 silver seatposts that are similar to the Thompson for less $$?


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How about a classic American Classic seat post? I have one on my 'Nag. I've bought them for as little as $16 for a used one in very good condition on eBay. They weigh about 190 grams for a 250mm length. The $16 one was a 350mm length that I cut down to about 250mm and it looked as good as new after the cut.


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kdub said:
I lucked out and bought my brand new condition Thomson seatpost for $20 on ebay. But then again it's size 32.4mm, so no one wanted it
Yeah... I thought the same of my 26.6mm bid, that was until it turned into a battle royale all the way up to 57 dollars.
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