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Hi Gang,

Does anyone know the thread size and pitch for the large-diameter
threads on a Suntour Barcon shifter body? I'm talking about the
threaded section that expands and contracts the barrell pieces which
lock the shifter assembly into the handlebar. The threaded section
looks like it is M8 or M10 (M9???), but the threading seems finer than
the fine-pitch metric tap size. Does anyone know the exact spec?

I bought a handlebar assembly with Barcons off eBay. The previous
owner buggered up the internal threads on one of the shifters, so I am
trying to find a tap to chase them.


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Santa Clarita, CA

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Yeah it is 10M x 1.0 cause I took one apart before I posted and matched it against a tap of that size. Doing that reminded me of why it *seems* like it's some exotic LH thread Allen bolt: you are inserting the allen wrench into a hex hole in the *end* of a big flat-head bolt, so you turn it anti-clockwise to tighten it up and expand the wedges to secure it in the always seemed weird to me, now it makes simple sense.
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