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I am putting a new bike together with a 11 speed groupset and I am running into a few issues with cables and levers. I got my rd running perfectly after a good hour of trying to thread the cable down the small bend. Now the cable for my front derailleur did not work as well and I ended up with a kinked cable. So I am left without a cable for my FD, and my LBS does not carry cable sets for 11 speed yet. I know the 11 speed shifters require a smaller cable housing but will a old 10 speed cable work if I already have the correct housing?

Also if you have any tips on threading the cable I would love for you to share them with me.

edit: to clarify I am asking if the new 11speed cable is the same width and has the same end as the old 10 speed cable 08 campy cable. From what I can see a 1.2mm cable is used on them all and the housing is the only thing that changes(from 4.5 to 4.1). Just want to confirm before I use an incorrect ball end and mess up my levers
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