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Ladies & Gents,
It was the Thursday night ride. It started out as a nice little ride around the neighborhood & to skip going to the gym as well. The legs felt pretty good but it was kind of dangerous along Gouin Blvd with the cars whizzing by & all. Had to stay a good distance from the sidewalks as well with all the puddles, grit & heck knows what covering the potholes & all. I suspect that most drivers would not expect to see a cyclist out on the roads just yet or so late in the day.
At that point, I took a liking to the fact that I was alive & in one piece. I took to jumping on & off sidewalks instead. Eventually, I moved off to the side streets & finally, the parking lot for the commuter train (no chance of being falttened by a car here & at that hour too). Did some sprints, in & out of the saddle, tried the high cadence stuff in low gears, etc, anything to get the legs spinning.
For whatever hit me when I saw the stairs going up to the train platform, I did the CX thing, a quick dismount off the bike, chucked it on my shoulder & started running towards & then up the stairs. It felt really great!
On the ride home, I was following a foot path, which veered off the pavement & into mud. Luckily, I was in a lower gear & pedalled through the muck. Back on the street & moving smartly once again. Veered off to the park near home, lo & behold, back in mud once again I can't believe that I miss all the suffering in CX that I stumbled onto it accidentally.
The bike was clean...
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