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Newbie, 54 yrs old, want to save my knees

Bought a road bike this spring, I also have a comfort bike and a MTB I ride. They all have regular pedals, the road bike has also toe straps.

I also have a pair of Adidas El Moro III MTB shoes. I don't want to buy a pair of road shoes unless I have to.

I'm looking for pedals for my road bike now. Weight is not important.

I'm starting to ride more frequently and further, up to 35 miles now. I try to add 5 miles a week to my longest ride which means next week I'll be riding 40 miles. I feel that I now need to get pedals.

I was looking to buy the Time ATAC Aluminum S MTB pedals or Candy C or Candy SL or Quattro SL pedals. I understand if I buy the Quattro SL pedals I will have to carve about 1/4" off the side of the tread. The money is not an issue because they are all around the same price. I want to buy a set of pedals that will last me.

Any recommendations on these pedals or should I be looking at others?

I wanted to get a set of pedals with a platform because I thought some of the downward pressure would be taken up by the platform of the pedal but the owner of the bike store said all the pressure is on the part that the cleats touch and not on any part of the platform. Is this true? It doesn't matter if there is a platform or not? Is I have MTB shoes instead of road shoes, I thought a pedal with a platform would be better. I don't want any "hot spots".

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Well out of the 3 pedals that you mention, I have the 2 pairs of Time ATAC's (1 pair an older alium, the other a composite body). I have one pair on my mtn bike, the other pair on a road bike (tandem). I wear Sidi Bullet II's for the shoes, haven't had any trouble w/ hot spots while on the tandem roadie, but haven't really done rides longer than 50 miles on that. I really like Time ATAC pedals for mtn biking, have never had a problem with them, but I also have no other experience with any other type of SPD pedal.

For my regular road bike I have Time IMPACT pedals, it uses a 3 hole mount cleat (like Looks). I really like these pedals also, has a very solid connected feeling to it.

If I was in your situation, I would likely go with the Time ATAC Alium S's since you already have compatible shoes. If you get hot spots, you can always move them over to your mtn bike and get road pedals and shoes then. You can pick them up online for $46.77 from ( I just used a froogle search, you could have performance price match if you wanted to go through a more well known e-tailor.

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Time +1


For what it's worth I switched from Shimano compatible pedals to Time Atac pedals a couple years back and have never been disappointed in my decision. I have Time Atac composites on 3 of my 4 bikes and I have Time Z platform clip pedals on the 4th. Though I have never used the aforementioned Crank Brothers pedals I cannot see how they could be much better than the Times (though I think there may be a weight advantage to the CB but I dunno).

I have never felt any discomfort due to the pedals.

Good luck,


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used to ride Atac, last year I bought a pair of yellow CB candies on sale at nashbar 2 for $100. Much better mud shedding, easier to engage and dis-engage. I train on the road with them and race cyclocross.
My vote for crank bros. candy.

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Attack..........., I mean ATAC :D

if you go to MTBR, and check the pedal reviews you will see that the ATAC
has over 500 positive reviews, and one of the highest ratings of all the pedals reviewed.......

I grabbed up some ATAC XEs when Performance had them on sale for $54 a pair and it was the best cycling product purchase I have made in a long time....

... i will never go back to SPDs, compared to the Time pedals the SPDs suck.... qualitywise, ease of entry/exit, mud release wise, shoe compatabilitywise (didn't have to mod shoes)....

...the ease of entry is phenominal, and part of your natural motion (just slide forward with your foot and pedal rotation clicks you in)...
SPDs required me to line up and "stomp" down (Crank Bros too)...not easy after a major body/head dab in a steep uphill rock garden...:D

...if you want cheap, PM me and you can have my SPDs for the cost of shipping...


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I've not used the Times, so I'll offer no opinion.

I have Candys on my MTB and my SS MTB and I really like them a lot. Easy to get in and out of, reliable, simply put, they just work well.

I've put about 100 miles on a pair of Quatros on a road bike as an experiment for a bike I'm building for a cycling trip to China. I want to be able to ride the roads of a cross-ish bike but get off and walk around, so I'm riding these with a pair of MTB shoes. So far, so good. I'm using Sidi Dragons and I only had to Dremel off the tiniest bit of tread on the outside to allow clearance for the bearings. No big deal. They're working for me, they might work for you too.
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