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I thought I'd chime in into this thread instead of starting a new one.

Age 41 - rode a road bike one summer when in college.
October of 2012 bouht a bike, and rode 2x month or so, 20-30 miles each time.
When the new year hit, I built up to more riding, then decided to try the Time Crunched plan - started ~Feb 1 and signed up for a century.

Was pretty good about doing all the workouts, and did trade around weekends intervals for group rides. It was with a fast group, though.

Finished my century (wildflower SLO) Sat april 29, and did a Tour De Cure the next day (30 miles).

I have come a long way in three months. I can't believe how fast my rides were.
Total time for the centruy was 8 hrs. Moving time was about 6.5.

My problem is that I am still heavy. at 6' at 212 lbs, with bf% of 22. I started at 218 or so.

Overall, I can sustain much more power than I deemed possible. Very Happy with the program.
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