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If you search through the Other Builders forum, you'll find several threads involving Time Frames. Deep down in the Look Forum, there are some Time-Look comparisons.

As those threads reveal, I myself got into a heavy Time-Look face-off at the beginning of the year. I ended up buying a Time Edge Translink. I absolutely loved every Look frame I tested, and for a long time I was predisposed toward a Look, but in the end I went the other way. Part of this was because I was able to do more involved test rides with the Times at a critical point in my shopping, but an even more important factor in my decision was the fact that the Time is a helluva bike in its own right.

None of the Times I've ridden were as plush or soft as the Looks (I never got to test ride the supposed softest of the Time line, the VXS), but IMHO the Times ride at least as well as a lugged steelie. ....Which is certainly more than good enough.

As for my Time Edge Translink, I'm totally thrilled with my purchase. I've just about put a thousand miles on it, and I love it a little bit more every time I take it out. My life is too busy to go out on many long rides (my longest ride, so far, is a 62 miler through the Malibu Hills), but it seems like a bike that could easily let you do a century without beating you up. It handles quickly, but it's not nervous or tiggly. It's an easy No Hands bicycle, too. It hasn't got the primal, brutal acceleration of the Colnago Dream Plus it replaces, but it still moves quite well. In all, the bicycle feels springy and lively. It feels a lot like the steel bikes I've had...except it weighs a good three to four pounds less overall. My bicycle computer tells me that overall I'm actually a little faster on the Time than I was on my Colnago.

I also have to say that, the clunky decals notwithstanding, it is a very beautiful bike to look at. The top tube has a wonderful little waist about two-thirds toward the back. The stays have curves and bulges that make them look like human tendons. The finish is a soft satin. The lugs are painted black while the tubes are naked black carbon fiber, and the transition between the two is subtly, gorgeously feathered. Viewed from a distance the bicycle has a surprisingly classic, graceful line. Workmanship isn't quite as fine as it was on my 'Nag, but it's a good deal better than it was on my Rivendell Rambouillet.

In short, I like my bicycle a lot. It may be one of the lower end models in the Time lineup, but it is far from a low-end bicycle. In my opinion, Times are definitely worth a good, hard look.
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