Time XPRO 15

Building off the performance and ease-of-use of its Xpresso pedal, Time has introduced its latest generation of road pedal. The new XPRO features a wider platform for more efficient power transfer and comfort, and a new lightweight aerodynamic design. The new pedal comes in three versions.

Time XPRO 15

The XPRO 15 ($600) is the flagship model and features a carbon body, hollow titanium spindle and CeramicSpeed bearings for a very lightweight top-of the line performance. The Iclic system has also been redesigned to allow for a more positive engagement and to be more comfortable. The carbon blade is also adjustable in 3 positions to optimize engagement tension. Like the Xpresso, the stack height is low, keeping the cyclist's sole as close to the center of the pedal axle as possible. Claimed weight is 88g per pedal.

Time XPRO 12

The XPRO 12 ($400) has the same feature set with a carbon body and titanium spindle. Claimed weight is 94g per pedal.

Time XPRO 10

And finally the XPRO 10 ($250) features a carbon body and hollow stainless-steel spindle. Claimed weight is 113g per pedal.

To learn more click over to www.time-sport.com.