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Hello everyone!
So I'm getting into riding more and I purchased a Road Bike in late April from a friend. Ive ridden about 1500 miles since then and decided to get some new tires. I'm not too sure which ones to choose from. I commute about 40 miles round trip three times a week. Here is a list of tires that my LBS has in my Price range. Any suggestions help. My price range is around $50

Continental Ultra Gatorskin Wire Road Tire -

Michelin Krylion Carbon Road Tire -

Michelin Pro 3 Race Road Tire -

(Not sure if it matters but I'm 5'8 and 185 Pounds)

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You should consider 25mm wide tires instead of the 23mm ones you listed. The extra volume is much more forgiving and requires lower pressures which allow the tire to work (flex its sidewalls to absorb shock!) which gives a much nicer ride. Most 23mm tires need 100+psi to prevent pinch flats where most 25mm tires are happy with sub-100psi pressures. Mine are usually around 80psi which provides a wonderful ride.

I have some 28mm Conti GP 4-Season that aren't as plush as my 25mm mega-$ Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX. Those Vitts have 320tpi (threads per inch) sidewalls and it's that that provides the comfort. I'm not suggesting those Vittorias for commuting though.

Here is a site where you can view lots of tires -
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