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Hey all. Got 2 questions...

I have 700x23 chinches tires on my Langster.

1) How suitable are different tube and tires sizes (e.g. a tube w/a single specified size like 25), can I install that tube under 23 width tires?

2) My rims have a very slight aero profile to them. Some of the tubes have longer presta valves. Do I need to get these longer ones? Also, how "long" is the long stem VS the regular length stem?

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1) It might work all right, but I don't think I'd trust it too far. If it was a 23 tube, I wouldn't hesitate to put in a 25, but I don't feel good about going the other direction.

2) Presta stems come in varying lengths. Put the rim on a table & measure how long you need the stem to be. I'd leave about an inch above the rim.
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