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I have a Ti fork for the road bike by Black Sheep. It has the heavier gauge tubes for the fork so its heavier than the standard fork. I never weighed it. I am guess its close to 550 grams vrs the 350 grams for the Eatson SL 90 I pulled. Yes, it is heavier than a carbon fork. Its rides very well and takes up to 28mm. (Which most carbon forks these do not.) What I have notice is that the vibration of the Ti fork is different than the carbon Easton I was running. It doesnt have that higher frequancy you get from carbon. So far so good. Carbon is it Ti and steel if you make it right. You will always be lighter with carbon. But, sometimes I wonder if you could but 550 grams in to a carbon fork how stiff you really could make it or safer with more carbon in the steer tube. I think in the quest for lighter and lighter stuff, we went from making things last to making you by new carbon parts every few years. Its a bicycle not a formual one car. With all the torque specs these days on things its a wonder why there isnt more problems with all the carbon stuff. The Black Sheep fork is on my travel bike. I wanted something simple and I wont have to worry about the carbon fork in the case..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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