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Frame failures occur no matter what. Overall design has more of a bearing on failure verses material. I have a 1997 Litespeed Vortex that was one of the lightest 6.4 titanium versions of the Vortex that Litespeed made, 2.95 lbs for a size 59. This October it will be ten years old and with a few crashes, fortunaltely no frame damage, and tens thousands of miles. It rides like the day I first built it up. Good design will give you great frame life and even a few of those will fail. The most important thing you can do is go with a compant that you know will first stand behind their product and lastly, they will be around tomorrow to support that product. Buy right and get the frame material that your heart desires.

Careful and frequent inspections should allow you to detect a crack before it gets to the point of being a serious injury causing failure. That's why I frequently clean thoroughly my bikes to inspect the tubes and welds all at the same time. I've never found one.

No company will extend the warranty to the second owner but may extend a goodwill repair at a more favorable cost to you.
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