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Titanium "ProTi" frame for a Cyclocross or road bike - has anyone heard of it?

I'm considering getting a (used) bike with a "ProTi" or "Pro Ti" titanium frame, and I am having an exceedingly difficult time finding out anything at all about it; the closest thing I found through Google was this an auction selling the below image, except that my potential frame has had all the labels removed - there's just enough residue to read the "ProTi" part.

Like in that image, the eyelets for the cables are on top of (not below) the top tube. I think it may be a Cyclo-cross frame, guessing from that and the source of the image below.

Any idea what it is / what company made it / around what year it might be from / what it's worth / how good it's build quality is?

Thanks a ton for your help!

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