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Hello, I recently got myself a decent road bike, a 2002 tcr team with campy record 9s components and a gipiemme pyramid wheelset (which I like much, although I did only 250kms on it, will see how it holds up) . I have an offer from a guy that is assemblying a bike for someone who wants 9spd to switch to brand new 10spd record ergos. I would have to pay about 120$ extra for the change. My ergos came with second hand bike, from a mtb pro, who used the bike for training mainly. The guy will swap my chorus 12-23 cassette for a 10spd 11-23 equivalent. On one hand, I will train with a group on flat lands in Poland, where they reach 60 kph, on the other hand I am a passionate climber (at 175lbs....) I know that there is some issue with pulley wheels, my der. is record 9 spd Ti, will it be within tolerance or do I have to swap pulleys? Do you think that it is worth changing? Durablility, performance, functionality are most important. Also in terms of investment in the bike in case of possible selling?
And Campy is crisp :) Like SRAM ESP in MTB (though I prefer rapidfires)
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