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Are today's (2016 and newer) Carbon Clincher's braking capability and heat-dissipating ability much better than before? I know this topic has been discussed before, but I would love to hear about more recent carbon clinchers. I've been on tubulars (Enve 3.4 and 2.2) with no real issues in terms of overheating and poor braking. Here in Socal, I rarely ever ride in the wet, so not really concerned about wet braking at this point. I do ride a lot of hills and mountains here in SOCAL (Baldy, Palomar, Latigo, Mulholland, Angeles Crest, Crystal Lake, Sisters in Laguna Beach, and local hills, etc...). Fortunately no unglued tubular issues even during the hot summer months.

Recently, I've hit an unlucky streak with flats and tubulars (usually not often at all). Anyways, started to think about picking up a pair of carbon clinchers. I am not very big at 5'8" and 133 lbs. Again, prefer climbing over flats and rollies. My main concern of course is potential for overheating the CCs on those long mountain descents...although I have done many of them with my tubulars and know how to modulate my braking, rather then riding the brakes when unnecessary.

Sorry for long post, but just wanted to give you lads some background.

So those riding CCs, are you confident with them?
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