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I have built wheels using Alexrims R400 and DT Compettition spokes with DT brass nipples.

The spoke holes seem a bit small or something : the nipples are unable to swivel sufficiently.

This means the spokes describe a slght curve near the rim as they branch off toward left and right sides.

This is of course mostly noticeable on NDS rear. Front wheel too, a little, and not on the DS rear.

Is this one of those things which only bother when you know about them? Or am I missing out a lot on lateral stiffness?

Are there other spokes which I should have used? 1.8mm with smaller nipples, or nipples with different shaped shoulders or something? Too late now of course, but for 'next time' :confused: And not that we have much choice out here either :rolleyes:

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Many rims do not have offset drilling. IMO it is a good idea to bend the spoke slightly near the nipple if there is a curve at that point... else you have a bending stress added to the tensile stress of the spoke, which would make it more likely to fatigue at the threads.
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