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I guess I'm not a kit kinda guy...

IMO buying one of those big kits is the wrong way to go. Either you save some bucks and end up with a box of really cheap tools, or you spend big bucks and get a box full of tools when you only regularly use about half of them.

Buy the tools that you need when you need them. A side benefit is that you'll usually buy the best tool you can afford if you know you're actually going to use it. Park makes some good tools, but not every single item on their list is the best in-category. If you buy quality, and as you need, you'll eventually end up with a toolbox full of stuff that should last a VERY long time :)

treebound said:
Not sure what section this should go in, but since tools are used for adding/removing components I'll stick it here.

What are some good toolsets to have? The Nashbar site has a short list of 8 items:

The ParkTool web site has some recommended tools based on needs, but when they throw in their pizza cutter as a need it somewhat discredits their list and makes me wonder what else isn't overly necessary.

So, with that said, who puts together a nice complete toolset. This would initially be for home use, but might expand to a business startup use that I've always had in the back of my mind to somehow sidestep into. Right now I've got a mismatched mixed up set of tools that I've accumulated over the years on an as-needed basis. But people freak when I pick up the 14" monkeywrench and start eyeing their seatbolt. ;)

I know that Campy does or at least did have a huge mechanics set, but it cost more than a new high end bike. ParkTool has a few kits of sorts. Pedros also has some kits put together. I'll be looking at working on everything eventually, from Huffy's to Lightspeeds, and working on Shimano, Campy, SunTour old stock stuff, whatever is currently used on the mass market bikes.

I don't know if one of the "Official" bicycle mechanics schools puts out or publically publishes a mechanics suggested tool list. And I don't see it as a realistic possibility for me to attend one of the certified wrench schools, but I might take a tuneup class at a local dealership this spring/summer, and I might also try and snag a part-time job at one of them as well.

So, list your tools and tool sources.
Thanks in advance.
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