Boulder, CO, USA - Millions of triathletes have trusted Joe Friel to help them achieve their goals in triathlon and cycling. Now the most trusted coach in endurance sports can help anyone become a triathlete in just 5 hours a week with the new edition of his best-selling book Your First Triathlon. This clear and comprehensive book makes preparing for sprint and Olympic triathlons simple and stress-free. Your First Triathlon: Race-Ready in 5 Hours a Week is now available in bookstores, running and triathlon shops, and online. For a free preview, please visit

Full of friendly advice and Joe's proven approach to training, Your First Triathlon will help aspiring triathletes quickly gain the fitness and confidence they need to enjoy their first triathlon. Friel's book offers practical training plans for total beginners as well as for more experienced runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Four easy-to-use programs for sprint- or Olympic-distance triathlon events provide realistic workouts that will shape anyone into a triathlete.

From the first day of training, Friel lays out an achievable schedule of workouts and technique drills for swimming, cycling, and running to bring even a novice up to speed in all three sports. Friel offers guidance on nutrition, strength training, stretching, and gear and accessories. His book covers every detail to prepare beginners for their first tri, from placing gear in the transition area to ensuring a stress-free swim and feeling comfortable all the way to the finish line.

Your First Triathlon includes
  • Four easy-to-follow training plans for sprint and Olympic events
  • Clearly explained workouts
  • Effective drills to improve technique in swimming, cycling, and running
  • Tips & tricks for race day, managing gear, and ensuring a stress-free swim
  • A commonsense gear checklist
  • Sound advice on nutrition and weight loss
Triathlon is the fastest-growing endurance sport in the U.S. From 2009 to 2010, the sport drew 64% more participants to nearly 3,500 events around the country. About 75% of triathlon events are beginner-friendly sprint-distance races.