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Does anyone have any experience with the Topeak Dynapack? I'm just wondering how solid the mounting is and whether I need something bigger. I basically need to fit my support gear (tools, tubes, maybe a CO2), keys, phone, unnecessarily thick wallet and a lunch that's about the size of a medium sized tupperware container (5"x5"x4" roughly).

I only want a bag thats JUST big enough for those things and must be mountable on the seat post. The larger Dynapack is a lot bigger/heavier than I need but I want something with a fairly aerodynamic profile and not too heavy as it's going to be throwing off the center of gravity bad enough as it is. Right now I have a pannier bag which is WAY bigger and combined with the rear rack, is a lot heavier than I would like for daily commuting. It also feels like I'm pulling a parachute around.

What do you guys think of that smaller Dynapack and do you have any other suggestions? Moots has a super nice seat post system but man is it expensive. I'd like to keep it under $75. Something easily detachable would be cool, but not necessary. To sum it up, what I'm looking for is

  • Roughly 12"x8"x8" max
  • At least somewhat areo, or at least not loose and baggy
  • lightweight (under 500 grams preferably)
  • Under $75
  • Seat post mounted
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