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Your friend is definitely wrong in his assumption, but still for bike work the "funky springy" type is well suited. Get a good one though.
note: you really would only sent them out for calibration if you made your living with the thing. For home use, a dial torque wrench would last a long long time if not abused.
tanner3155 said:
Which is the better torque wrench to buy for general torquing for a Tarmac expert (carbon) ?
Seat post, handle bars, brakes etc....

A) the funky springy kind that are cheaper
B) the clicky type that are more expensive

A friend at work said the springy kind although seemingly cheaper feeling are actually more
acurate and you can calibrate yourself by bending it. But the clicky type seem like they would be more acurate but you have to send it in to be cal'd every couple of years.

Thanks for your thoughts.....
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