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Didn't use one until recently......

I have assembled over a dozen bikes over the years and didn't use a torque wrench once on about 80% of them.

I recently bought a torque wrench (Craftsman brand), that covers most of the needs that a cyclist would have, and don't use it on every single bolt, but on crucial parts, I do.

Crucial to me is a BB/Crank interface, and anything where you are tightening up carbon fiber. I didn't really care about torque before on a big aluminum bar, you really had to go nuts to overtighten the bolts. Now with carbon, that lovely "crunch" sounds is getting more familiar to some people.

I have however, assembled carbon parts without a torque wrench without a problem, but from doing so many parts swaps on the bikes, I kinda have a feel of how tight is actually tight.

I say, it's a good thing to have around, and practice with it beforehand, they do have a unique feel that you should learn to recognize, or else with all of that leverage, you'll overtighten something really fast.

Craftsman is my personal choice, good price, easy warranty, and LIFETIME WARRANTY, no hassles either, just walk in, show them that it's a craftsman, you get a new one (not that i have broken a torque wrench, just saying in general).

Tools are a thing that you can't ever have enough of. You'd be surprised what comes in handy over the years.
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