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I had to give up my ride this weekend in order to attend a funeral. My great-aunt, on my mother's side, passed away and, because she was so close to my grandma, we all had to go to grandma's house on Sunday.

My grandma is such a sweet old lady you would not believe. She and her sister had lived together since my grandpa's passing a few years back. She does so much for everyone she knows it is inspiring. None of us, in the family, can keep up with her she's always going somewhere to visit a friend or cooking or baking something to give to away just to cheer people up. She still drives the old boat of a car that my grandpa bought before he died. She says it has such sentimental value that she can't bear to part with it.

So this Sunday morning we all arrive at grandma's house and she is sitting there crying at the table. We know that she is upset because of her sister dying but she has been quite stoic up to this point and we are quite surprised at this display of emotion. As we try to comfort her the story comes out, haltingly at first and then she calms as she tells us what happened.

Typical of grandma, she felt like she had to have something for the people that would be visiting that day. Not feeling at all like cooking, and her time had been quite taken up with the funeral arrangements, she decided to go purchase some pastries at a shop a few miles from her home. Because of her religious beliefs she rarely buys anything on Sunday and put that on top of the funeral, and the people coming over I'm sure she was a bit distracted and frazzled.
My grandma, like most people of her generation, dresses more formally than the situation requires in most cases. She has even shown up at my daughter's soccer game in a dress wearing one of those Queen of England style hats. I stifled a laugh most of the game seeing her sitting in my folding chair with that goofy hat on. Anyway, grandma goes to this shop, and feeling very self-conscious about shopping on Sunday, and worried that her guests will arrive before she gets home, manages to buy two boxes of treats, to serve us at her house. She said that she refused the help offered (they had been so helpful in asisting her picking the treats) and got out to the car and couldn't find her keys. In a momentary lapse, not quite uncommon for people her age, she sits the pastry boxes on the trunk, to look for her keys, and then opens the trunk from inside the car (it's so old there is no remote) and the stupid pastries fall to the pavement.

She gathers them up, and fighting her urge to break down and ball, drives home where she sits at the table and sobs until we arrive.

I felt so sorry for her. I mean where's the justice? She is so nice and giving to other people yet, at such a hard time in her life (she is facing living completely alone for the first time in her 80 some odd years) she has to deal with this too.

I hope you'll all think of your grandma if you see her out and about. Give her the benifit of the doubt if you can. She is really a sweet old lady, and makes great chocolate chip cookies.

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