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Yeah... I've been across to it from New Zealand for the last two years and will likely go back again for the next one. The set-up is excellent with the stage-transfers that they offer through the Tour Down Under website. You just rock up to the Hilton (where the race is based) each morning (if you've booked) and hop on the bus which will take in the start and finish as well as an intermediate sprint or KOM if possible. They use 20 seat buses so they are pretty relaxed way of ensuring that you see as much of the race as possible. As a bonus - people on the buses have passes to access the teams area prior to the start of each stage giving an excellent opportunity to mix and talk with the riders (I hope this is also the case next year).

Don't not take a bike with you. There's some excellent riding in the Adelaide area and there is the Mutual Community Challenge which is a recreational ride that covers one of the TDU stages a few hours before the pros. Be warned... there's a good chance it will be hot and I mean really hot! I found that it was easy to get in a couple of hours riding by going out at dawn (just before 6am) and getting back in time to spend the rest of the day watching the pros race. Dawn is perfect riding time in Adelaide - minimal traffic and relatively cool. By cool I mean 20 - 25 degrees C as opposed to high 30's or even over 40 degrees some days.

Make sure you ride up the Torrens River Gorge (allow half a day for a decent enough ride to do it justice if riding out from the city). An epic climb but simply spectacular scenery.

This year I took my girlfriend who had never ever been to a bike race before and she had a good time. She didn't come to the racing every day (only missed two days though) but there was more than enough shopping to be done to keep her happy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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