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If you have not seen the Tweet, Lance and Gov Ritter have an announcement at the capitol tomorrow, Aug 4, at 10 am, followed by a ride. This has got to be the announcement for the Tour of Colorado, or whatever it will be called, next August as discussed elsewhere on this forum and mentioned in VeloNews, etc.

I got into cycling after the Coors Classic, so am not familiar with some of the stages/routes from those days, other than Morgul Bismark, which I am embarrased to say I have never ridden. I have seen American Flyers - does that count?

So my discussion question is - where do you think or would like some of the stages to be?

Personally, I think a summit finish on Evans would be epic - even if the grade isn't too bad compared to some of the European climbs, the elevation is a killer. Possible? Maybe Team Evergreen could organize it, since they did a great job, IMO, on Bob Cook :D
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