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Hi JH,

Glad to hear you will be venturing out to Somerville. If you have never been before, you will be amazed! They don't call it the "Kentucky Derby of Cycling fo nothing, and this year is the 65th annual year, if memory serves correctly.

It looks like we will be blessed with great weather, and the racing is always fun. Turn # 3 is always exciting, and usually the spot that crashes are bound to happen. Main Street is always great if you like mad sprints to the finish. Also, some of the best food from the great restaurants on Main Street is fantastic!

Parking gets pretty atrocious early, so plan on parking somewhere near Gaston Ave or behind theskatepark and walk up to the Main Street.

If you are bringing the puppy, stop by and see us. Efingers' always sets up our tent on the courthouse grass....this year, look for the "Specialized" pop up tent...that's us. My guys are suckers for a cool dog....If he gets thirsty, we will have some water for him. The Rutgers team will be hanging out with us after ther races as well.

Hope to see you all there!

Marc C.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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