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I'm already starting to look at trainers, despite the (outdoor) season continuing. My students have returned, being sore after a day of teaching, and riding in the am dark, I need a way to zone out for a while in the spin. So

Although the season continues here, I'm wondering about trainers already. School has started (my students have returned) and I'm tired and sore after a long day of teaching. Riding in the am is tough, despite lights on the bike. Time to start planning for the all to soon time of being on the trainer.

I'm debating between the Kentic Road Machine or Rock-N-Roll trainers and one that attaches to the computer for some VR time.

I read about the Elite trainers last year. Though I'm not seeing them listed anywhere this year. Thoughts on them?

REALLY like the idea of the new LeMond trainer, but don't want the noise of the fan.

I need to do some intervals, climbs, and just get lost in the spin. I already have a set of rollers, so I am not interested in another set of those. (When I zone out on rollers, i ride off the side) :mad2:

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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