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So I usually ride about 3 times a week (1 -20mile on Thursday, 1- 25mile on sat and 1 -25 mile on sunday)

This week I rode a 15 on tuesday at ok pace
thursday rode at higher pace 19 mile
saturday rode a fast paced 34 miles , we tried to catch a group for about 5 miles so we pushed hard which killed the rest of my ride. Then sunday I rode a 54 mile mild pace ride.

So to start this week I was sore after riding 88 miles over the weekend and did a slowish pace ride on tuesday for 15 miles where I did not feel like I had power back in my legs, now today I am still very sore and am wondering whats going on

Basically It comes down to this I usually ride about 100 miles a week for last few weeks, this week I did go beyond and rode the fartheset in a long time 54 miles after a harder day before of 34 faster paced miles. Is this normal I took a rest day off yesterday. Did the one rest day hurt mne and tighten me up? I am wondering what to do to prevent this
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