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Hi there,

Im pretty keen on buying a set of Enve SES 6.7's with a powertap but am slightly concerned about some pragmatic issues:

These wheels costs about $3300 from cycle power meters - they are expensive! I dont believe on spending all that money for a wheel Im only going to use once a fortnight when a race is on. I'd want to have them as a full time training wheelset. (sorry guys, I think its absurd to spend so much money on something your hardly going to use!)

My question is, is it actually practical, safe or sensible to train on such expensive carbon clinchers? Are they durable enough, is the braking performance good enough? Will they withstand the heat buildup? I have read that they do have good breaking performance, but is this "good" relative to other CC's or "good" in an absolute sense?

Now obviously things are going to be different for different wheelsets - I'd particularly value input from someone who owns some Enve's.

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