Newport Beach, CA - Transcend Sports, a partnership between Colorado Premier Training and RAHA Sports Management, has registered a UCI Continental team that will compete in the NRC series and international races. The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team is currently in negotiation with three Pro Tour riders who will add great depth, experience and leadership to a new program. The roster will also include top-level domestic and international riders.

The Bahati Foundation is a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers underprivileged youth to rise above their circumstances. Statistically, those at greatest risk for poverty today are inner city families and single parent families. The problem of persistent poverty is a complex one that includes communities and individuals, who through no fault of their own, find themselves unable to make ends meet in this globalizing information-intensive world. In many families today, children cannot say they expect to be better off than their parents. This is perhaps the greatest challenge now facing our society. Our goal is to work with our partners in helping today's underprivileged youth overcome poverty. We provide the resources, support and inspiration to help young people succeed in life.

Founder and spokesperson champion cyclist Rahsaan Bahati says "this is a step in the right direction for cycling, the riders, our partners and most importantly, the hard hit underprivileged areas that need the support from organizations like the Bahati Foundation. I 'm thrilled and humbled at the same time to know I can be the difference in someone's life by supporting this cycling team and I look forward to seeing the team in action."

2010 Pro Team Roster
  • Rahsaan Bahati
  • Nathan O'Neil
  • Hilton Clarke
  • Jason Donald
  • Matt Rice
  • Cesar Grajales
  • Ryan Baumann
  • Corey Collier
  • Bobby Lea
  • Alex Hagman
  • Peter Carey
  • Phillip Mann
  • Evan Hyde
  • Ian Burnett
  • Lanell Rockmore