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Trek has a "2008 New Madone Assembly tips"

I emailed Trek and they send me a 2008 New Madone Assembly tips. This is a great guide and has assembly diagrams, pics, useful tips and how to's. It doesn't look like I can attach it to the forum.

Here is a sample of what kind of info is in the guide
To remove the bottom bracket bearings
The 2008 Madone bottom bracket bearing system is
designed to be a slip fit. However, after the first installation
some bearings might be tight. If the bearings do
not easily come out by hand, you may use the following
method to remove them.
1. Slide the crank axle into the bearing so that
the bearing is over the non-drive side of the
axle, about 1 inch (25 mm) from the non-drive
2. Gently rock the axle while you pull the axle
Inspecting the bottom bracket
Every 3 months check the bottom bracket adjustment.
To check the bottom bracket bearing adjustment
1. Lift the chain from the chainrings.
2. Rotate the crank so that one of the arms is parallel to the seat tube.
3. Put one hand on the crank arm and one hand on the seat tube, and attempt to
move the crank arm laterally toward and away from the seat tube.
4. Spin the cranks.
If the crank feels or sounds loose, or if the motion stops abruptly or you hear a grinding noise
coming from the bearings, readjust the bearings or take the bike to your Trek dealer.

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I like them alot.. Not sure I would pay retail for them as I got them used "250 miles" and ceramic bearings for 1,300. At that price they are great but to pay over 2k... its questionable... I have the clinchers so they are a little heavy and don't seem to hurt my climbing. I can certainly feel the aero difference when going over 20mph which is very nice. Braking with the cork pad kind of sucks because it takes allot more effort to stop.... that and the pulsing feeling when breaking isn't as smooth as aluminum rims
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