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lakeview423 said:
The bike is brand new. Although I am interested in looking at some used bikes, especially some real old ten speeds, I would prefer to buy a brand new bike for my first bike.

The all aluminum frame is a negative. I would prefer to have at least the carbon seat stays like in the 2.1. However, I test rode it and it felt fine. I'll have to try some other more expensive first to compare though.
I have seen that bike at more than a few places for as little as 899.99 on closeout . Most of the places have it for 929.99. A thousand is ok but try and get them to these prices if you can or at least get a discount on extras.
In fact this is one of my bikes and I use it primarily for bad weather rides. The wheels are **** ,as is the saddle and tires. Switch those three things out and you will be good to go . It does have a bit of an unforgiving ride especially after say 40 miles but it handles extremely well and feels solid .
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