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lakeview423 said:
My question now, is it actually that great of a deal?

In addition, would the difference in frame from this older 1500 to a 2009 2.1 be mainly the lack of the carbon seat stays on the 1500?

Please forgive my ignorance, and I would be glad to see any response!
Well, if I read your post correctly, you're looking for a 1500 Trek? I'd look around for a Trek ZR9000 2100 from 2006-2007. That's what I bought last year at this time for around $1,200.00. There are a few here and there laying around cycle shops. It would help to state your size frame?

As for the aluminum frame on these Treks, it's very forgiving in my book. Lot of the forgivingness depends on the type of wheels you will use... and don't be fooled on rubber. There was an article in last month's Road Bike Action Magazine [page 102 March/April] on 25mm Conti 4000's having the exact same handling and control of the 20/23's and not weighing in much more ...but offering better comfort. Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tire Who's afraid of 25's?
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