Trek and Tome trying to make cycling safer

Trek and Tome Software are joining forces in an effort to make roads safer for cyclists. With the support of Ford Motor Co., the bike maker and software developer are attempting to implement an industry standard for active-cycling safety in 2018.

This B2V system is adding Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology to its technical roadmap. C-V2X has the potential to help cities around the world create safer, more capable infrastructure, and connect vehicles to a larger communications system.

It is designed to allow vehicles to directly communicate with other vehicles, pedestrian devices, bikes and roadside infrastructure, such as traffic signs and construction zones. C-V2X also provides opportunities for direct bicycle electronics integration, as well as mobile phone app integration for cyclists.

Originally announced in 2017, Trek and Tome's collaboration has now expanded the research and development phase of B2V to include automotive and smart-city integrations, with the goal of reducing the number of cyclists killed and injured on the road. Ford is supporting the work that Trek and Tome are doing to evaluate the technical opportunities and the best user experiences for cyclists on roadways.

Cyclists are an important and growing part of urban mobility and multimodal transportation and B2V will be critical to the future of safer cycling, where vehicles, devices, and the surrounding environment communicate wirelessly.

"The future for us is moving from a more passive approach to cycling safety and focusing our development on active safety measures," said Trek's electronics product manager, Scott Kasin. "We want to ensure that while cyclists have the tools and knowledge to do what they can to create a safer experience, they will now have the enhanced ability to communicate their presence directly to vehicles."

For B2V, Trek will focus on the rider's user experience and the electronics available to them that will alert drivers to their presence in potentially-dangerous roadway areas. Unlike its existing visibility products, Trek B2V-enabled equipment will focus on giving driver alerts directly to approaching vehicles. The software technology will be licensed to cycling and automotive companies as an industry standard. While the technology will initially appear in Trek and Bontrager products, the company intends to publish the results of its development.

To further this effort, Trek and Tome are showcasing the development on an artificial intelligence-based bicycle-to-vehicle communication system at Ford's booth during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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