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Alright, time to ask. The manual doesn’t answer, so let me turn to where I always get answers. I have recently installed a Trek Incite digital computer on my ride. When I get everything going, it seems very good. Very accurate.

The problem is – how do I wake the think up? I know that to reset, I hold both the side buttons until the stopwatch resets. I think I may have figured it out this morning, but I’m not sure I like the answer. At start of ride, after resetting, I have to wake up each of the functions, i.e. Speed, Cadence, and Heart Rate? That’s what worked this morning. THEN, if I stop, how long before the thing sleeps again? And do I once again have to wake all functions? Seem like a pain, but it that’s the answer, I can live with it. Today I was only stopped for maybe two minutes, and it was sound asleep. Had to mess around waking each function, which tends to take time off the old Ave Speed

The other question, I probably know the answer to. Does the average cadence ignore zero revs? Most likely not. The only one I know of is the Garmin, which had its own share of issues.

Am I on the right track, or maybe have a defective unit?
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