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I am in the market for a new bike and decided that my money might best be spent buying a second hand bike of better quality then i would be able to afford new.

As i start to look around on clasifieds like this and on Ebay i am starting to see that there are alot of scams. The number one give away is someone offering a second hand 2004/2005 5200 or madone in perfect condition for $1500.

As others have pointed out its good to tell the seller you want to actually inspect the bike or have a good friend that lives in the area inspect the bike. The scammers run like hell.

as an example - there is a 5900 on this classified section right now - the name is Andrew Everton email [email protected], location Hoston Texas. When i asked if i could come see the bike since i was going to be in Hoston the seller told me he was located in Chicago and the zip code he entered might have been wrong. I said great - i am going to be in Chicago next week for a trade show - if the bike is available i'll come see it and buy it on the spot with cash. (actually true since i travel alot for work). Seller seems to have taken off. I used a different email address and starting asking about the bike again and got different answers.

Question for you guys - is there anyway we can get the classifieds cleaned up - known scams removed or at least red flagged.

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additional stuff

Hello -- I have been screwing with one of these guys selling a Trek Madone for 1800 dollars for a few weeks now - its obvious they dont speak english as their first language. There is the supposed shipping company email i got wanting me to send western union on behalf of Tom Andy from Greece. Maybe if we all gang up and start messing with them as i am they wont have time to scam any unsuspecting buyers.


Mr Dominico Domain ,

We want to confirm you that you have a transaction at our company.Mr Tom Andy,from Greece have deposit in your name and address at our company a bike..The bikewill be send to your conuntry after you will confirm us the payment.The bike will be send direct to your home address.The address where the bike will be delivery is:

Dominico Domain
Livington Road
New Jersey

First you must send the money to our agent and after we will verify and see that all is in order we will delivery you the bike in maximum 4 days.You have to send the money with Western Union.This is a fast and easy service to send money.This service you can find at the Post Office.Our agent details where you need to send the money is:

First Name:Murariu
Last Name: Ion
Address: Elenator 120
City: Athena
Zip Code: 11450
Country: Greece

The price that you will need to transfer will be 1800USD

After you will send the money you need to send us all the information and the copy of the recipt paper from Western Union.After the verification and if all will be corectly the bike will be delivery at your home address in maximum 4 days.

Thank you for using our service!

Expres Delivery Service

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Just keep letting Ebay know about these *******s. Ebay suffered a drop in revenue last quarter due to fraudsters like this. They have said they are serious about better vetting the site to eliminate these garbage posts faster...
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