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My daughter has over 1000 miles on her Trek Mountain Train. Started when she was 4.5, now she's 7 and we're training for our second, week long, 50 miles a day, tour. Her bike is pretty cool. It has a 24" wheel and a 7-speed drivetrain. I don't think they make that one anymore. I put a smooth rear tire on it. It helps to have a bell and a horn for the little one to honk and ring a people. Maybe a squirt gun holder. This year I installed and old cycle computor that I had, so she can keep track of time, speed and distance.

Make sure you start out with short rides. At younger ages, kids will not want to go riding just to get in miles. You have to be going somewhere. Like the park, ice cream or ice cream or maybe ice cream :D . Make very sure your kid stays allert. You don't want the little guy falling asleep. Play games such as I-Spy or pass back some lifesavers or something.

Also, at a young age they have trouble keeping their feet on the pedals. I was uncomfortable haveing her feet flailing about my rear wheel, so I installed some pedals with straps like what you'ld see on an exersize bike.

Have fun, but remember, your responsable for the kids saftey so take it easy. We've really had some great times with ours. So much so that we may upgrade to a tandem with a child stoker kit installed.

Good luck
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