2015 Trek Boone 9 Disc

The 2015 Trek Boone 9 Disc, MSRP $4,730.​

One of our favorite test bikes from 2014 has gotten some nice upgrades for 2015. Trek announced this week that this year's Boone and Crockett cyclocross bikes will now be available with 15mm thru-axle forks. The rear end on both bikes continues to use standard quick releases.

Both lines have also seen some changes to spec, which helped bring pricepoints down. Last year's flagship full carbon Boone 9 Disc came outfitted with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting and retailed for $6,300. The 2015 Boone 9 Disc opts for mechanical Ultegra, which lowers price to $4,730.

Trek Boone 9 Disc

We loved last year's Trek Boone 9 Disc. The addition of a thru-axle fork will only make it better.​

From a racing standpoint, we'd certainly miss the precision, speed and reliability of the electronic system. Being able to move through so many gears so quickly is a really nice feature, and the Ultegra Di2 was all but impervious to mud. But standard Ultegra isn't exactly slumming it and you're saving $1,570.

It's a similar story with the alloy-framed Crockett 9 Disc. Last year's model retailed for $5,250 and had Ultegra Di2; this year's model reverts to mechanical Ultegra and runs $2,890. You can see full price and spec breakdowns of all the 2014 and 2015 Trek CX bikes here.

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2015 Trek Crockett 9 Disc

The new 2015 Trek Crockett 9 Disc, MSRP $2,890​

The new models also get updated paint schemes, which Trek jokingly says, "will result in a 16.2% increase in mid-race hand ups and an 117.4% increase in calling your bike a 'whip.' Trust us-we use science and stuff."

Kidding aside, the new paint jobs look nice enough, though certainly not the kind of stuff that would stop you on the street. That's not the case with the addition of thru-axles, which we're very happy to see. As anyone who made the transition in the mountain bike realm knows, thru-axles deliver a more precise and confident steering feel, and reduce fork flex. It's also far easier to maintain tight, but noise free tolerances between rotor and caliper with a thru-axle rather than a QR.

Trek Boone Decoupler

The hallmark of the Boone remains the frame's IsoSpeed decoupler, which is essentially a small amount of suspension in the form of a unique seat tube-top tube junction that allows the bike to flex under impact.

There are two versions of the new fork. Model year 2015 Crockett 5 Disc and Boone 5 Disc will come spec'd with the carbon thru-axle fork with an aluminum steerer, while the Crockett 9 Disc, Boone 9 Disc, Crockett Disc frameset, and Boone Disc frameset will feature a full carbon thru-axle fork with carbon steerer tubes. The full-carbon version is claimed to be 120 grams lighter than the fork with aluminum steerer.

Owners of the previous model year Boone and Crockett will also be able to upgrade to the new thru-axle fork. Pricing is not yet available. Framesets will be available in both disc and canti versions for those who prefer to do parts build-up themselves.

For more information and photos of all the new bikes, check out the photo gallery below and visit www.trekbikes.com