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My wife and I only get the oppourtunity to bicycle together once a week or so due to conflicting work schedues. Sunday was our day after consulting some maps we decided to head out to oil city /franklin PA and try out their rail trail.. wich is turns out is actually a few intersecting ones alongside the allegeny river. If you're ever in teh area I recommend it
Woke at 6 and packed up our lunch cooler and the bikes for our ride. Being a paved trail I would normally be riding my fastback but I had just recieved my new MTB from bikes direct and wanted to get it adjusted in.
View attachment 127824
all In all We did about 25 miles over the course of a few hours, a nice leisurly pace with lots of stops to make adjustments
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Stopped checking the map
View attachment 127825
A view of the allegeny river.
View attachment 127826
The steps to the upper path (note the smooth area on the left for rolling your bike up)
View attachment 127827
The lower bike path as viewed from above
View attachment 127829
The trestle
View attachment 127828
Stairs originally designed to lead to center pylon .. now end in midair
View attachment 127830
Allegeny tributary viewed from smalle bridge
View attachment 127831
view from inside the tunnel. Was quite dark in the center
View attachment 127832
Vier from the outher side

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Specialized S

Good eye, That is indeed a Specialized S .. its a Motobecane though, The specialized icon is just for the chainstay wrap, keeps the chains from knicking up the stay.
so far I like the Dual suspension ride,its kinda a replacement /supplement to my hardtail MTB that Beats the crud out of me .. dual is not ideal for bike paths as even with a 4 bar you still get a bit of bob while peddling, but the rear air shock and the front shock both have lockouts, so it can ride like a rigid.. albiet a heavier fat tired rigid

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I always love the eastern pics when everything is so green. Don't think I'd like your winters, but your spring/early summer looks awesome!

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That IS great country. I was born in that area, and grew up in Olean, N.Y. Nice pics!
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