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I don't do the tri thing, but have someone interested in it. I told him I would do a little research on his behalf. I know that there are differences in terms of geometry, fit, etc. What I am looking for is someone who can contrast the two and discuss thing to consider when looking for a tri setup. I have a list of inquiries below, as well as any additional considerations that I may not be thinking of.

Geometry-steeper seat and head tube angles?

Compact vs. traditional configuration?

Crank lengths: shorter, the same, or longer?

Purchasing a traditional inexpensive setup and converting vs. going the dedicated route?

Fit as compared to a trad. race fit.

Gearing selections. He is on the Colorado Front Range, so some climbing will be in order. Double, Compact, cassette range, etc.

Anything else you may deem pertinent.

Thanks in advance...
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