Atlanta, GA - On Monday, May 16th at the Amgen Tour of California pro cycling race, Shad Ireland, triathlete, dialysis patient and the first kidney patient to ever successfully complete Ironman triathlon, will "Take on the Tour," launching a 24-month athletic endeavor to conquer the sport of cycling and raise awareness for kidney disease.

Ireland, best known for his epic 4,700 mile ride across the U.S. in 2009 to bring attention to those with kidney failure, plans to ride multiple stages of several of the world's toughest cycling races and compete in the Lanai Hawaii Triathlon, the Orange County Triathlon and the New York City Marathon, all in an effort to spread the message of healthcare and prevention, and raise awareness of the over 27 million Americans suffering from kidney disease.

"Take on the Tour" will launch at the Amgen Tour of California, where the indefatigable Ireland will ride Stages 2, 4, and 6, following dialysis treatments the night before each stage. Riding solo, the pro athlete will take the road at 1AM PT on Monday, May 16 for the 133 mile ride from Squaw Valley to Sacramento. He will also cycle 82 miles from Livermore to San Jose on Wednesday, May 18 and participate in the amateur time trial in Solvang on Friday, May 20.

A dialysis patient since the age of 10 and living with no kidneys, Ireland is a passionate advocate for kidney disease prevention through exercise and healthy living. His mission is to educate and inspire others to exercise as a way to prevent kidney disease as well as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, which are the leading causes of the disease.

"For me, the Tour of California is not about winning stages or a single race," said Ireland. "It's about reaching the over 27 million Americans who suffer from kidney disease and to show that no matter what your challenge, no matter what your disease, you can lead a productive life. As a dialysis patient with no kidneys, many people would say riding in the Tour of California is impossible. I'm out to prove that even with this disease, there are no limitations."

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About The Shad Ireland Foundation

Global Mission: Committed to education, prevention, awareness, and access, the Shad Ireland Foundation is an international non-profit organization that is actively exploring ways to further develop and expand its global impact on kidney diseases and their leading causes. In countries around the world the Foundation is developing and creating strategic relationships that will lead to the development of tools and resources, which will ultimately and positively impact individuals, families, and communities affected by, and or living with this disease.

United States Mission: Committed to education, prevention, awareness, and access, the Shad Ireland Foundation United States and its programs are focused on improving the lives of Americans (both children and adults) living with kidney disease while educating those who are at risk for developing a renal diagnosis on its leading causes, prevention methods, and societal impact. Through the development of strategic partnerships with other 501c3 non-profit organizations whose constituencies are at risk for developing a renal diagnosis we are maximizing the organization's national reach, influence, and impact.