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Hello everyone, I posted a few weeks ago about a frame I received, a Trifox X16 carbon road frame. I've slowly been building it up these last few weeks and it's done now, so I'd like to share the build process.
The components I ended up putting on the frame are:
  • Shimano 105 R7020 hydraulic groupset
  • Elite Wheels 38MM carbon wheels
  • OG EVKIN handlebar and stem
and other assorted components like pedals, bottle cages and saddle.
It took me around 2 weeks or so to build, working at a relaxed pace. Approximate cost breakdown is around $2300 USD, with the groupset costing around $700 USD, frame being around $750 USD, wheels being $400 USD or so and the assorted parts making up the remainder of the cost. I sourced the groupset used, since hydraulic 105 groupsets seem to be sold out everywhere so your costs may vary if you decide to build something similar.
The build process was relatively smooth, although there were a few hiccups here and there. The hole for the rear hydraulic hose was finished improperly and filled with paint, so I had to go at it with a rotary tool to remove it. This was also the case on the hole for the hydraulic on the fork.
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the build, and the bike turned out pretty good with little complications along the way. I haven't ridden it that much so I can't really remark on the ride quality but from my brief impressions it feels good.
Writing implement Wood Office supplies Tool Gadget

Plant Grass Wood Twig Tree

Marking roughly where I want to cut the steerer.
Bicycle Plant Land vehicle Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar

Installing the rear derailleur.
Tire Bicycle Wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle tire

Shifters installed on the handlebar, along with the handlebar being properly aligned.
Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire

Running the hydraulic hose for the rear brake, and installing the wheel for a rough fit.
Bicycle Tire Wheel Crankset Bicycle tire

Front hydraulic hose and brake.
Camera accessory Window Brickwork Bicycle handlebar Audio equipment

Cutting the steerer. We used a relatively standard hacksaw blade with a cutting guide (standard wood one) and clamped the steerer in position. Turned out quite well and with little fraying. We used a little clear nail polish to finish it off, just to avoid any fraying fibres.
Hand Plant Automotive tire Gesture Wood

Setting up the various headset parts. If you're familiar with Trace Velo on YouTube, he built this exact frame. In his video, he didn't attach a crown race to the headset because the fork already had something to hold the bearing in place. I decided to do this too. The headset is finished nicely and all the parts seem to fit into place well.
Tire Hand Automotive tire Wheel Finger

Azure Bicycle fork Bicycle part Automotive tire Bicycle frame

Photo of the cockpit, roughly set up to where I want it. I didn't have any spacers around at the moment so I set it up without the spacers just to see how everything fit together.
Tire Bicycle Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel

Installed saddle roughly. Had an Sworks power saddle around so decided to use that.
Sports equipment Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle part Composite material Grass

I ended up running the cables rather late in the build, since I didn't have any at the previous times so I just decided to proceed on with the build without them.
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Automotive tire

You often hear about the hassle of running internal cables but with the cable guides that came with the frame I didn't find that to be an issue.
Bicycle part Automotive exterior Automotive design Rim Carbon

Here's the cable run for the rear derailleur. A little short but it seems to work.
Bicycle Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset Bicycle tire

All the cables roughly put in position for wrapping the bar tape.
Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle handlebar Bicycle tire

And that's about it! Here's a few pictures of the finished bike, after a few days of riding.
Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel rim

Bicycle Land vehicle Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Tire

Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Crankset

Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycles--Equipment and supplies
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