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okay, maybe this is dumb but...
I have a new ultegra 30-42-52 crankset for my road-cross build
and plan to replace the 52t with a 42 bash ring. 12-27 cassette.

the majority of my riding is road + climbing
followed by firetrail (& lightweight cross) either case I don't really care about going fast on descents. I have dura-ace DT levers and front derailluer (for a double crankset)
and plan to purchase an ultegra-triple rear (in case I decide to re-install the 52t someday)

Am I screwing this up?
Should I just stay with a triple-triple drivetrain or will my modifications work?

Thanks for your comments

OH...and my BODY-frame is old but sturdy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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