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Hi All,

Here's the deal. My main racing/training wheels are Neuvation M28 Aeros with Veloflex Pave tires. I fitted up an older set of Open Pros I had with Continental Grand Prix 4-Season tires so that I can ride on wet pavement or in rain with extra puncture protection while still using quality rubber.

Problem: Though both of my cassettes are the appropriate Shimano 9-speed models, when I put my Open Pros on the bike, there's a big difference with fit. Without adjusting the cable tension, the cassette on the OPs is precisely one position off (closer to the spokes). As a result, the chain has the ability to jump OFF the 12-tooth cog if I happen to not monitor it closely and it looks for another gear down low, and the chain lodges between the 12-tooth cog and the frame itself. Not good, of course. This even happens with the exact same cassette when I switch my main cassette from the Neuvies to the OPs as a test. On the big-cog (climbing gear) end, the cassette on the OPs won't go to the biggest/easiest gear. It's exactly one gear off.

Anyone else ever have this problem? What to do? It makes the whole point (being able to simply and conveniently switch out wheels for wet/nasty conditions) null and void if I have to do all sorts of cable adjusting each time I switch the wheels.

Your help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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