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I think he is suggesting trying to use non tubeless ready tires on tubeless rims set up tubeless with sealant. Good question. As you have stated, in the MTB world many regular tires can be successfully set up tubeless with tons of sealant and tape to build up the sidewalls of the rim to simulate a bead hook. Although I've never experimented with road set ups in this manner I don't think it would work. Pressures are already too high in my opinion for road tubeless to always work long term without a hitch, and certainly don't think non Tubeless ready tires can handle it.
I run road tubeless and am a proponent of it for the most part, but have come to some conclusions over the last three years or so.
1) your tires will simply not last as long as when using a tube. Punctures that do get sealed will eventually open up again and again as you start to wear down the tire when the sealant plugged area becomes exposed to the road.
2) not sure if the current sealants on the market are ready for true high pressure road tubeless. The sealant does work 90 percent of the time, but the higher air pressures cause more sealant spray and pressure loss before the sealant can take effect, meaning although you have a sealed and serviceable tire you may lose 10-20 psi in the process.
3) tape does not last nearly as long on road rims as it does on mtb systems. I believe again, that higher pressure is to blame and it just wears out the tape after a while,so rims require re-taping more often.
All that said, I still stick with road tubeless for the feel/lower pressures, but I don't believe it is 100% ready for primetime yet. Even after several years of being available.
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