Tubolito is best known for its light and expensive orange polyurethane tubes (some of which feature built-in pressure sensors). While most of the Austrian brand's products are designed to be as light and compact as possible, its latest product is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use by preventing flats. Tubolito’s claims the new X-Tubo City/Tour inner tube will resist most punctures and comes with a one-year warranty if you do manage to flat it.

The X-Tubo City/Tour is aimed at city and commuter bikes. At launch, the X-Tubo City/Tour is offered in a single 700c size to fit 30-50mm-wide tires in both Presta and Schrader valves versions. The new tube is constructed from a thicker, more durable polyurethane material than the brand's range of performance mountain, gravel and road tubes. At $30 per tube, it's also more affordable.
With a claimed weight of 130g for the 700c Presta valve version, the X-Tubo City/Tour is 39g heavier than the company's standard City/Tour tube, but about 50g lighter than most similarly-sized traditional butyl rubber inner tubes. If you want a similar level of protection, you would likely need to invest in much heavier thorn-resistant tubes increasing the weight disparity even more. Though more expensive than standard tubes, the promise of improved flat-resistance without a weight penalty is very compelling.
The X-Tubo City/Tour will be available through Tubolito's Amazon Store and retail for $30 when they become available in July. The warranty covers any and all damage to the tube that could occur while riding. To activate the warranty, buyers will need to register the tubes within 1-month of purchase.

Update: I contacted Tubolito to get more details on the warranty process. "Tubolito will be making every effort to limit the amount of time riders are off their bike, but shops will not be able to swap out tubes on the spot," said a company spokesperson.

Visit https://www.tubolito.com/ for more information.