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I just picked up some used Lew Palermo carbon wheels on ebay. They came with a tufo on the rear and conti sprinter on the front. I peeled both off to start fresh. The conti was older with a tear in the base tape. The tufo was new so I decided I will reuse it. Both tires peeled of easily (a bit too easily). I purchased a new tufo s3 215 and attempted to glue it on the front rim. I do not have a lot of experience with gluing tubulars and have never glued on carbon, but I followed some directions from I believe a good source and worked slowly and carefully(a coat of glue on tire, a coat on rim...wait 24 hours..coat on rim...wait 12 hours coat on rim and glue). Anyway, when I tested the tire, after allowing it to sit on rim at 100 psi for 14 hours, it peeled right off. It seemed as if it had only stuck on the edges of the rim (as if the rim was too deep-or too "V" shaped). I compared the other tires I had (other tufo and conti) both tufos looked as if they do not fit on this rim profile, while the conti has a center groove that seems to conform to the rim.

Does this mean that I cannot safely glue tufos to this rim?
Has anyone else run into this problem?
Any thoughts?
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