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wim said:
Well, I don't do tubulars any more. But for many years, I strapped my expertly folded spare (see photo) under my saddle with a leather toe strap. Some people wrapped their spare with a piece of plastic, put it into an old sock or into a small, store-bought bag. Protecting it does make sense—the strap can chafe the sidewalls and break some threads.

Bingo!!!. Fold it, stuff it in an old sock, and strap it to the back of the saddle with an old toe strap.
The sock works well as a rag if you need to wipe your hands after changing a tire.

Putting the spare in a dedicated, handsome carrying case makes you look like a bit of a queer, or worse... a tourist. Just kidding, don't everyone go getting their panties all in a bunch.
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