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Leak fixed

tjib13 said:
Not sure what is going on with my tubular tires. this is my first set. I seem to have a slow leak and when I pumped my tire up in the rain, pre-race I could see air bubbles coming out of the sidewalls. I had put some pitstop in it previously due to the leak but it seemed to be loosing air too fast and I deemed that it wasn't working but now it seems to hold air overnight with no more loss than one would attribute to a latex tube. What is going on here? I assume I have a hole if air is coming out of the sidewalls at 80 psi, but last night in another test with no changes made to the tire (no pitstop added) it seems to hold air over night...
IME when you see the fizzy bubbles the tire definitely will NOT hold pressure overnight. I'm guessing that between when you saw the bubbles on the wet tire, the Pitstop found its way to the small hole and plugged it. I'm betting that if you pumped up your tire and put it in some water, you wouldn't see any bubbles.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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